Advanced General Chemistry

CATEGORIES: Research Streams

Course: CHEM 201L
Credits: 0-3
Instructor: Dr. Sara Pistolesi

The students in this freshmen-level advanced chemistry lab become collaborators in the
faculty member’s research group and explore the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to useful hydrocarbon feedstocks such as ethylene. Global climate change and energy consumption are unmet problems that may ultimately be impacted by such work, and students are motivated by the possibility that their findings might guide future research directions. After spending the first 7 weeks developing typical practical laboratory skills, the latter half of the semester is devoted to the research project. Students are introduced to the apparatus, replicate literature conditions, and then engage in authentic experimental research by adjusting the protocol and modifying electrode materials to optimize the reaction.

To apply for this Research Stream, contact Dr. Sara Pistolesi via email.

Topics: Organic Chemistry, Energy