SETUP: Safe & Efficient Transportation

Course: Fall Semester CE 490 or CE 490H Credits: 2 Instructor: Dr. Peter Savolainen

Note: This course is only held in the Fall semester

Students will have the opportunity to conduct research focused on understanding emerging transportation issues of concern nationally, as well as within the state of Iowa. The project will leverage national and Iowa-specific data that are either publicly available or can be provided through InTrans as a part of their cooperative agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation. Collectively, these resources will be leveraged to allow students to address several important research questions, such as: What are the primary factors affecting the safety and operational efficiency of highways? What are some of the unique challenges related to Iowa’s transportation systems? How will the introduction of autonomous vehicles impact transportation? As a part of SETUP, students will gain important experience in scientific inquiry, data collection, data analysis, data visualization, and the interpretation of data trends. This will also include gaining an understanding of the nature of available transportation data, the inherent limitations of such data, and how continuing advances in Big Data create both opportunities and challenges for conducting research within CCEE.

To apply for this Research Stream, contact Dr. Peter Savolainen via email.

Topics: Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Transportation