Physical Activity Promotion

CATEGORIES: Research Streams

Course: KIN 290
Credits: 1
Instructor: Dr. Greg Welk

Students will contribute to ongoing research conducted through the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Lab. The early phases of the experience will provide background information on physical activity and health promotion research but this will transition to more specific and applied research experiences related to adult and youth activity programming conducted by our lab. The primary projects are described below.

1. Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programming (CSPAP): Students will have opportunities to directly contribute to school-based research projects focused on promoting more active school environments. In the applied phases, students will have opportunities to interact with youth and teachers in K-12 schools through the Iowa FitnessGram Initiative or contribute to school wellness programming coordinated through the Iowa SWITCH project. Students will gain an overall appreciation for the research process but will also see how applied school-based research is translated to impact population health. The research experience would be relevant to any student interested in the promotion of healthy lifestyles or those with interests in public health or youth programming.

2. Application of Consumer Activity Monitors for Behavior Change: Students will have opportunities to experiment with various consumer activity monitors (e.g. Fitbit Charge HR, Garmin Vivosport, Apple Watch) and learn how they can be used to promote self-monitoring and behavior change. Students will gain insight about how the monitors are used in research and clinical applications and will be able to contribute to ongoing research studies using the devices. The research experience would be relevant to any student interested in applications of technology in health promotion and those interested in clinical or health-related careers.
Through the experience, students will be guided to plan, collect and process data through these projects. Students will work together on research posters and presentations to summarize their work.

To apply for this Research Stream, contact Dr. Greg Welk via email.

Topics: Kinesiology, Health Promotion