Dancing for Parkinson’s

CATEGORIES: Research Streams

Course: KIN 290
Credits: 1
Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Stegemöller

Students will participate in research that examines neural motor control in persons with Parkinson’s disease and how various treatment strategies (i.e. music therapy, singing, dance) improve movement and associated brain activity, as well as quality of life and cognitive measures. Students will also have hands-on experiences volunteering for at least one existing outreach program for persons with Parkinson’s disease, either the Singing group or Movement and Music (Dance) group. Students will also engage in weekly meetings gaining information on current literature and methodology. Hands-on data collection and data analysis experiences will be included. This experience is designed to give students a solid introduction to literature, methods, and analysis in this area of research, while actively engaging with persons with Parkinson’s disease in a clinical and research setting.

To participate in this project, contact Dr. Elizabeth Stegemöller

Topics: Neuroscience, Kinesiology