Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

CATEGORIES: Research Streams

Course: BCBio 491
Credits: 2
Instructor: Dr. Natalie Clark (lead) with Drs. Geetu Tuteja and Karin Dorman

Modern technologies make it possible to measure the activity of all genes in a cell simultaneously ( as they respond to stimuli, such as cancer cells responding to chemotherapy and plant cells responding to drought.  A single experiment in humans typically produces 1 Gb of data, so data processing and analysis require the use of computers.  Students will learn how to assemble a bioinformatics pipeline using the bash and R languages and apply this pipeline to a high-throughput, transcriptomic dataset. Students will be guided all the way from raw transcriptomic data to processed gene expression data and functional annotation. Then, students will team up and propose a research question raised by the dataset that they can use their new computational skills to address.  The final product will be a team-based poster and presentation of findings.  In the past, there have been opportunities to present in the annual BCB Symposium (  What is bioinformatics?  Learn more:


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Topics: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Biology; Data Science; Genetics