The Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) at ISU is an opportunity for you to participate in authentic research during your first year at campus. Projects are available in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, bioinformatics and computational biology, molecular biology, kinesiology, genetics and physics. Streams of 15-20 students in introductory classes are co-opted into faculty members’ research programs where you design their own experiments. The time commitment is manageable and you will receive course credit for your degree. Participating in cutting-edge research will provide you hands-on experience and a chance to build community with your peers and faculty at ISU.

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What students are saying about the FRI…

“The research experience was very helpful it showed me that you we can make a difference in improving the world around us. All of the knowledge of science is within our reach all we have to do is put it into use and test its limits. This experience furthered my ambition to go to medical school and make an impact in peoples day to day lives.”

“My research experiences have helped to show me that i can make meaningful contributions to the scientific community and given me the confidence to show off the knowledge and skills I have gained.”

“Working in a lab setting has opening my eyes to what the daily life of a scientist is. It makes me more passionate about my micro major, and it makes me more satisfied with lab work if I don’t pursue veterinary school. I think that this has helped me understand what I am passionate about and what I would like to do with my career in the future.”

“It was amazing getting to know the people in my lab and now we are a close group of people with common interests in science. It was a great overall experience and it makes me want to peer mentor for this research later on or to continue with other lab research.”